CPU of Laptop that is also called microprocessor work with the operating system to control the device unit. It is generally called the brain of laptop/ computer. While it runs the CPU produces a lot of heat. To reduce the heat and protect our CPU from overheating the desktop/laptop needs air circulating fan and a heat sink. It is a system of plates, channels and radiator fins designed to draw heat off the processor. As laptop has far less room as compared to desktop system to uses these cooling mechanism, How a Laptop Process Works.

LAPTOP CPU Usually :->
Runs at lower voltage and clock speed— Running the laptop at lower voltage reduces heat output but in result the processor speed goes to slow down. Most portable PCs additionally keep running at a higher voltage and clock speed when connected to, and at bring down speed when utilizing the battery.

Mounts to the motherboard without using pins –>
Uses of pins and sockets acquire a lot of room in desktop PCs. It is possible to mount some processor with mother board directly without the use of socket. While for some others a Micro-FCBGA (Flip Chip Ball Grid Array), which uses balls instead of pins, is used. Mounting processor with motherboard saves space but replacing processor and upgrading it to newer version is not possible.

Has a sleep or slow-down mode – The computer operating system is designed to work in such a way that reduces CPU speed while it is not in use. If the CPU has lesser number of processes the speed of processor slows down to. Hence, as the speed of processor decrease in result the heat generated by it also decreases. If you need any technical help you can call +91-7217871051 Laptop repair & laptop service center in Dwarka.

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